The Kensington Building – The school, built in 1894, has a magnificent front façade featuring fine stone and brick work. The first three floors are former elementary classrooms which will be converted into nineteen one and two bedroom condominiums. The fourth floor, formerly the gymnasium, starts in the in the high peaked roof with the eight decorative dormers . These eight penthouse unit will be built out as multi-level ,open loft units inside incorporating the ancient oak roofing beams. This building will have up to a total of twenty seven stylish and unique condos sized between 750 and 1290 sq ft each. Total useable living space in the building is 31,000 sq ft. There is also an additional 4500 sq ft used by the stairwells, entrances, and hallways .

The Floor Plans

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Interior Photos

The Unit Plans

Converted Condominiums Examples