I was involved in the project Living Heritage Homes had going in Texas. It was a brilliant conversion of five buildings into sixteen townhouses. It was well conceived, planned and executed. I had the return on my investment as agreed and I am now all in on the project in Cincinnati.
Jonathon Moore , Investor
As a real estate broker I worked with Living Heritage Homes on two of their early projects. Both redundant commercial buildings had been languishing unsold on the market until LHH came along, realized the potential no one else saw, purchased the buildings, rezoned them and then went out to build out very successful and profitable residential conversion projects.
Bradley Hone, RE Broker
They have a vision that few others have. What most people see as an old unwanted building(s) they can see the end project with new modern living spaces inside of some really neat building.
Pat Devlin, Buyer
Living Heritage Homes brings new life back to old buildings by repurposing them into useful residential units and by doing so helps breathe new life into neighborhoods that can use the lift up to the light. With new residents brings new jobs, new businesses and new attitudes to life.
Carol Casey, Buyer